4hr Carnac Snorkeling & BBQ Lunch

  • Duration : 4 Hours
  • Location: Fremantle, W.A.
  • Product code : P3THNQ


Discover the best local reefs any day of the week with Heron Charters and their four-hour snorkelling experience, complete with all equipment, morning tea and a tasty BBQ lunch The sea is such a wondrous place with its vibrantly colourful coral and fascinating marine life. Experience underwater beauty first-hand with Heron Charters and a snorkelling adventure for you and up to five of your buddies. Lucky for you, the experienced crew know all the hotspots for the best snorkelling experiences. You'll witness the pristine island nature reserve that is Carnac Island, and might even be lucky enough to get up close with sea lions! With morning tea, lunch and all your equipment provided, you'll have nothing to worry about...except the likelihood of becoming a serious snorkelling addict!
  • Get ready for an amazing adventure with Heron Charters!
  • Grab this 4-Hour Carnac Island snorkelling cruise to see the best local snorkelling reefs
  • Just $55 per person!
    • Upgrade to 2 people for only $99, $189 for 4, or $279 for 6 people
  • Get up close and personal with the sea lions
  • Witness the stunning colours of the coral and vibrant marine life
  • Heron Charters have an experienced crew who know all the best snorkelling spots
  • All snorkelling equipment is provided including mask, snorkel and fins
  • Enjoy an aussie BBQ lunch complete with sausage sizzle and salads
  • Departs from Fremantle Monday to Sunday
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Carnac Island

Carnac island is home to Australian sea lionsbottlenose dolphins and a large range of marine bird life. It is particularly noted for the abundance of snakes, particularly tiger snakes, which live there. For this reason, very few people venture there. There is no permanent fresh water, providing a challenge for the animals that live there. The origins of the tiger snake colony has attracted significant debate and research into how that species has adapted to a harsh island habitat.